Having a great time at your swimming classes


  • As we will all enter the water together as a class, please do not take your child into the water before the lesson.
  • Do not apply skin moisturising lotions to your baby’s skin before the lesson as it will make their skin slippery, rather apply it after their shower.
  • If you have not returned your form or made payment, please arrive early prior to the lesson to do so. Otherwise, 10 – 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled time of the class is sufficient.
  • Avoid having a heavy meal before the lesson, to avoid any discomfort.
  • The depth of all pools for babies are at the range of 1.04 – 1.20 meters
    National Aquatic Centre, KLSC : 1.04m
    The Club @ Bukit Utama : 1.20m
    AEON Mall Bandar Dato’ Onn, Johor : 1.10m
  • Come with an open mind, bond with your child and most importantly, have fun!

What to bring for the swimming lesson?